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Heat shrink non-resin joints allows for many combinations of paper and polymeric transition and trifucating joints at 11kV and 33kV.

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Medium Voltage Heat Shrink Non-Resin Joints

medium voltage cable jointThe EPKJ range of heat shrink non-resin joints allows for many combinations of paper and polymeric transition and trifucating joints at 11kV and 33kV.


  • Range taking design
  • Pre-coated sealing components
  • Cable crutch fillers
  • 30 years service history

Ease of installation: By shrinking clear insulating tubing over the cores, the fitter is able to protect the cable from moisture and dirt right from the start of the jointing procedure. To insulate the connectors, heavy-wall heat-shrinkable tubing is used. This automatically ensures the necessary wall thickness and allows the use of various conductor jointing techniques.

Sealing: To keep cable impregnation in place and water out, the functions of the lead sheath are restored with an adhesive-lined heat-shrinkable sleeve. The heat and the shrinking action cause the adhesive to melt and flow, providing a high integrity durable seal on the ends of the cable sheath.

Mechanical strength: A galvanized steel grid is used for impact protection. This is flexible enough to be easily wrapped round the joint, but rigid when clamped to the cable armour. The Raychem Armarap joint case has been developed and fully tested for earth fault carrying capacity.

Performance: Raychem joints are designed and fully tested to meet Raychem specification PPS 3013, which encompasses the requirements of the major national standards and international norms. Each joint covers a range of cable sizes and is supplied in kit form complete with illustrated installation instructions. As the leader of heat-shrinkable materials and one of the largest cable accessory makers, Tyco Electronics Energy Division makes a wide range of cable jointing, terminating, insulating and sealing systems, supporting them with customer training, service and technical assistance to meet the demands of the electricity supply industry.


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