Lovink Enertech LoviSil Cable Joints

For paper-insulated and polymeric cables

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Lovisil Cable Joints

Lovink Enertech LoviSil® cable joints boast more than 20 years of proven field experience with a reliability rate of more than 99.9%.

Thanks to the LoviSil® insulating material the joint is particularly suitable for application with both Polymeric and Paper cables. Not only is it the ideal transition joint, it can also be used as a universal joint with excellent results. LoviSil® joints provide many unique user advantages for customers in different sectors. Energy companies benefit from exceptional reliability, Docks and Harbour Authorities from the enhanced moisture resistance, and Chemical Companies and Refineries benefit from the flame-free installation and good chemical resistance.

A Single Joint for Every Application

The Lovisil® joint has been fully tested in accordance with Cenelec HD 629, including additional testing at 2 bar water pressure. Due to the LoviSil® joints unique module system all conceivable jointing applications are possible. They are suitable for poly/poly, paper/paper and poly/paper.

  • 11-22kV 1C-1C 95-630mm Straight / Transition
  • 11-22kV 3X1C-3X1C 95-300mm Straight / Transition
  • 11-22kV 3X1C-3C 95-300mm Straight / Transition
  • 11-22kV 3C-3C 95-300mm Straight / Transition
  • 11-22kV 3C-3C AND 3X1C-3X1C 95-300mm Branch and Loop Joint
  • 11-22kV 1C, 3C and 3X1C 95-630mm and 95-300mm Stop End Joint
Lovisil Cable Joints

High Grade Insulation Material

The joint is filled with LoviSil® fluidsilicone compound which offers perfect insulation and superior electrical properties. The LoviSil® compound remains liquid, minimising the risk of partial discharges due to air ingress or the layers of paper drying out.

Sealing: Whenever it comes into contact with water, the LoviSil® liquid reacts to form a soft, perfectly insulating rubber. This creates a seal that prevents any further ingress of moisture.

Lovisil Cable Joints

Slimline Design

A 2 part polyurethane resin provides long term moisture protection. The design of the plastic outer shell ensures sufficient resin coverage all around the inner joint. The shell design also mirrors the contours of the inner joint, avoiding any wastage of resin.

Lovisil Cable Joints

Injection Moulded Shells

The outer shells of the LoviSil® Joint are injection moulded and are connected to one another using socket head bolts. The shell thickness, in combination with the glass-fibre reinforced polyester inner joint and the resin between the two, provides a high level of mechanical protection.

Lovisil Cable Joints

A Practical Advantage

  • Rapid, simple and foolproof application
  • No soldering or shrinking of tubes
  • Shorter Installation times
  • Suitable for application with all kinds of Mechanical Connectors
  • Connection can be put into service as soon as the joint is fitted
  • Versatile range means all applications are possible with one joint
  • Better than 99.9% reliability
  • Especially suitable for hazardous areas
  • Approved for use on WPD Networks

Product Familiarisation Training

Product Familiarisation Training for the LoviSil® joints can be provided by Cable Training Services. Please contact your Cable Services Sales Team or visit www.cabletrainingservices.co.uk for more information.

Lovisil Cable Joint Training Lovisil Cable Joint Training Lovisil Cable Joint Training


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