Tyco CSJA (All In One) Cold Applied Joints

11kV and 33kV Cold Applied straight joints single core, non-armoured polymeric cables with mechanical connectors.

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Medium Voltage Cold Applied Joints

medium voltage cable jointTyco Electronics introduces the 'All in-One' CSJA cold shrinkable joint for 15 kV through 35 kV. It is designed to splice tape shield, wire shield, LC shield, UniShield, JCN and flat strap shielded cables.

Features at a glance

  • This cable joint has a pre-expanded EPDM rejacketing sleeve and an integrated neutral sock. The 'All-in-One' design is easy to install with minimal steps and short installation time.
  • A pre-expanded, single-piece silicone rubber joint body with high mechanical expansion capability allows a wide application range.
  • An ergonomically designed spiral holdout provides a smooth installation with low release forces.
  • Total length of the splice body on the holdout is 14 to 19 inches providing a compact design.
  • The silicone rubber body provides high dielectric strength, high tear strength, low tension set, and excellent low temperature recovery.
  • Integrated electrical stress control enhanced by factory molded stress cones and a Faraday cage.
  • Void filling stress relief mastics are not necessary.
  • Proven shield continuity concept which can also bridge concentric neutrals.
  • The joint accepts both mechanical and compression connectors.
  • When a ShearBolt connector is used, this is a totally crimpless system.
  • Meets IEEE-404 requirements for 15 kV through 35 kV.
  • Each silicone splice body is factory tested to include AC withstand and partial discharge in accordance with IEEE-404 production tests.


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Data Sheet PDF: Tyco CSJA Data Sheet

Cable Services Catalogue PDF: Tyco CSJA Cold Applied Jointing

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